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Are you looking for a speaker who can, not only connect with women and families, but also give them actionable ideas that can transform their lives?

That’s me and I’d love to speak at your next event. 

I work hard to connect with my audiences so that they are engaged and experiencing a personal connection with my stories, ideas, and solutions to everyday struggles.

Here is what you can expect from me 

  • Prompt communication leading up to the event.
  • I will announce your event in my newsletter and on the blog.
  • I will deliver a well-planned, professional, engaging, and memorable presentation.
  • A follow up conversation after the event so that I can hear from you and obtain helpful feedback.


I speak on a variety of topics that are relevant to mothers and families. Each presentation is customized to meet the needs of  your event. Here are a few examples of popular topics.

Giving Mommy-Guilt and Anxiety a Time-Out

An in-depth view of a current plague so many mothers suffer from, “Mommy-Guilt.” I offer practical ideas of how to get guilt out of the driver seat and find peace in our daily duties.

Passing on the Faith to our Kids 

A presentation connecting our understanding of free will with parenting and passing on the faith to our children, including discussing some of the most important actions we can take as parents when striving to pass on our faith to our children.

Making Time for Prayer

Almost everyone wishes they could make more time for prayer. In this presentation I explore not only what prayer is and why it is an essential part of our lives, but I also offer very practical and obtainable ideas on how to find the time for prayer that you may be lacking.


If you would like to contact me please email

Follow this link to listen to an interview I gave about passing on the faith to our kids:

Challenges in Modern Motherhood and Passing on Faith to Our Kids (Part I), with Jenny Ryan