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I remember looking at the first pregnancy test I ever took, I took two more just to be sure the first was not wrong. I was a mom.

Right then I dropped to my knees and begged God to change me. “Please. Please make me a better person so that John and I can raise this child well . You have to change me God and you have to change me now. Make me a better person. Right now.” Unfortunately, God doesn’t usually wave a magic wand to make you a perfect mom.

I felt so small compared to the huge task of raising a human being—a child of God. At that moment I knew that I would need Divine Grace to be the mother I wished to be.

Unfortunately, I am not always as “in tune” with the need for Divine Assistance as I was on that day. Too often I plow through my day, trying to check off my to-do list, trying to be a good mom, and trying to “get it all done”. All day as I furiously work I ignore the One who can be the most help.

It’s such a contradiction. Motherhood. The best thing on Earth seems to be the hardest. At a time when you are never alone, even in the bathroom, you can be your loneliest. When your to-do list never ends, somehow you can still be bored. Just when you need the most help in your life, you can’t seem to find the time to ask for it.

Welcome to Mothering sunshine. I am so glad you are here.

I am here in the trenches with you. I am working alongside you. As I work and try my best (to try my best) I let you in on what worked for me . . . and what not to try. I share recipes, stories, ideas, resources, and inspiration. Here are some of the ways I try to help:

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I have five kids and a little bit of street cred. I also try some dumb things and figure out whether or not they actually work in this crazy parenting gig. You get to reap the benefits. Here are some blog posts to help you get started.


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